Species "Oncorhynchus mykiss" game fish of the family S almonidae noted for its spectacular leaps and  hard  fighting when hooked. It was introduced to North America from several other countries. A brightly colored fish that lives in lakes, streams and rivers. It is covered with small black dots and has a reddish band along either side.
Diet depends on location. Here in Branson the rainbow mostly feed on scuds that are knocked loose by movement in the water (fisherman walking, swift moving water, etc) They will also eat insects, small fish and their eggs.
Rainbows will spawn in the spring in the shallows of rivers, streams and lakes.
Trout live among submerged objects or in riffles and deep pools. They thrive in water that remains below 70 degrees.
Species "Salmo trutta" of the Salomidae family noted for its rapid growth and extremely hard fighting skills when hooked. The brown trout is recognized by its light ringed black spots on its brown body.
The diet and the habitat of the brown is very much the same as the rainbow.
The browns spawn in the fall and the males will get a very pronounced "hook jaw" when they are ready to spawn.
When spawning, browns are very aggressive and will attack almost anything  that is within reach.
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